Our Products Are:

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Not tested on animals
  • Paraben free

About us

Our Company

VIVAcity is specialized in the production of natural Dead Sea products enriched with Dead Sea minerals extracted from the Dead Sea area in Jordan.

Dead Sea minerals, salts and mud are well known for their therapeutic benefits to the skin. VIVAcity products, a mixture of Dead Sea minerals and natural essential oils, have everything to rehydrate and replenish the skin thanks to the unique and marvellous properties of Dead Sea minerals that work wonders on the skin.

We are expanding fast across the continents and the demand for VIVAcity products is increasing with time. 

Our goal is to bring nature’s largest spa straight to your home, so we would like to welcome you to the exclusive VIVAcity beauty world and invite you to explore our range of natural products. 

Discover our large range of products, from anti-aging creams, moisturizers, masks, bath salts, soaps and many more.


Our Products

Thousands of years ago, many groups from different cultures and civilizations visited the Dead Sea for therapeutic purposes. They also managed to incorporate Dead Sea minerals in numerous cream, unguents, soaps… 

Dead Sea water is more concentrated in minerals than ocean water which is the exact and specific reason why it has and still is exploited for its benefits.

VIVAcity products’ main components are Dead Sea ingredients (mineral salts, mud, spring water) that are combined with aromatherapy essential oils and herbal extracts (from bio organic plants), to empower our products with the best and safest ingredients. 

The minerals are directly obtained from the Dead Sea mud that’s rich in components beneficial for the body and the skin, such as:

  • Magnesium: combats aging signs, stress, and water retention and calms the nervous system. It also detoxifies the body and alleviates skin allergies. 

  • Potassium: regenerates skin cells and replenishes skin’s moisture.

  • Calcium: strengthens bones and nails, increases lymphatic circulation and prevents water retention.

  • Sodium: strengthens the immune system. 

Dead Sea extracts, are, unquestionably, necessary for the skin’s vital properties, the maintenance of its health and texture.


Mission and vision

People are aware of the importance of the daily use of skin, body and hair care to enhance one’s appearance, health and beauty. Hence, we thrive to provide our clients with the best products.

VIVAcity’s natural cosmetics beauty care line is the fruit of many years of scientific research and studies on Dead Sea minerals and components that proved very beneficial for the skin and hair.

Innovation has been at the core of our company from the very start. 

Our main focus: the skin, the largest and most vulnerable organ in the human body. It is daily exposed to UV radiations, pollutants and harmful factors. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it hydrated, nourished and protected to avoid skin problems and damages. 

VIVAcity products refill and provision the skin with all its needs to preserve its health, youth and softness. 

Behind every VIVAcity product, is a team of researchers, scientists, experts and manufacturers dedicated to provide consumers with the finest and safest products. VIVAcity’s ingredients are naturally extracted, delicately incorporated and well preserved in each and every product. Our products are manufactured according to local Jordanian specifications and international FDA standards.

We are committed to healthy, safe and efficient products and are dedicated to earn the consumer’s trust and appreciation for our products.