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    Nurse your hair back to health with our hair care products that are designed to comply with your hair’s needs and types.

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    Take great care of your skin with VIVAcity’s face care treatments made from Dead Sea extracts. From cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, firming … Our products will help you restore your skin’s youth and texture.

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    Our natural chemical-free soaps are the perfect alternative for people who are looking for nourishing and rejuvenating natural cleansers.

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    Immerse yourself in a warm bath to cleanse, detox, rejuvenate and heal your body with our Dead Sea bath salts. Sprinkle VIVAcity bath salt on your wet skin and in the tub and feel the difference.

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    Indulge your body and pamper your skin with our full line of body care products. From head to toe, VIVAcity has all the bodycare products you need to keep your skin healthy and fresh!

  • A powerful, mineral-rich, 100% Natural Dead Sea Salt from the lowest place on Earth. These salts are totally different from ordinary sea salts because they protect your skin, reduce rough and red skin, and improve your skin's hydration. A powerful, mineral-rich, 100%...

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  • VIVAcity Hair and Scalp Mud Mask contains Dead Sea mud extracts and vitamins combined with natural oils and herbal extracts that protect and strengthen the hair roots to give new luster and vitality to your hair. This mud mask purifies your hair and scalp, and it has revitalizing, mineralizing, and regenerating effects using a formula with the finest... VIVAcity Hair and Scalp Mud Mask...

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  • VIVAcity Dead Sea Hair Conditioner is the perfect choice for all types of hair. Its unique formula combines the most powerful minerals taken from the depth of the Dead Sea and gives your hair the shiny and healthy look that you have always dreamed of. VIVAcity Dead Sea Hair Conditioner is...

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  • A combination of Dead Sea Minerals and natural ingredients such as Olive oil, Grape seed oil, and Glycerin. Deeply cleanses, removes impurities and dead skin cells, and nourishes the skin. It unclogs pores and leaves your skin feeling shiny and energized. A combination of Dead Sea Minerals...

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  • A unique combination of natural minerals from the depth of the Dead Sea, enriched with natural oils. tightens and smoothens the skin while protecting it from acne and blemishes. It also restores the skin’s pH balance. A unique combination of natural...

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  • Enriched with a unique combination of beautifying Dead Sea minerals, sourced from the bed of the Dead Sea, 1300 feet below sea level and naturally mixed for thousands of years. With natural oils and walnut shell powder to VIVAcity exfoliating soap provides your skin with a deep cleansing that purifies, tightens and smoothens the skin while protecting... Enriched with a unique combination of...

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  • Dead Sea Mud Soap is a natural soap extremely rich in Dead Sea mud and minerals. It freshens, deeply cleanses, restores, removes excessive oil residues, and revitalizes your skin while keeping it silky. Dead Sea Mud Soap is a natural soap...

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  • Dead Sea Minerals have been known for centuries for their moisturizing and hydrating properties. VIVAcity Mineral Shampoo contains mild cleansers, botanical and herbs extracts, Pro-vitamin E, nurturing natural oils, and infused with essential Dead Sea minerals. Dead Sea Minerals have been known for...

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